Flash Light – Flash Away Darkness Woes

Gone by is the time for matches and lighting candles when the nights are dark and long and wind is rustling past. Flash lights reign the world today with affordable cost and easy availability apart from great usage.

Dripping wax is the norm of a candle. With lamps, there is black soot that can be found flying around the house and makes hands dirty too. If candles haven’t been handled properly, they may become the cause of a fire start and a big disaster. A led flashlight is the best known option.

From being “flash lights” that provided light only for a few seconds, flashlights have come a long way. Today, some flashlights can give you continuous light for over 10 hours. So there’s no need for hunting in the dark or fear of stumbling down stairs during a power cut. Simply buy yourself a few high powered flashlights and keep them handy.


It is necessary to purchase different varieties of flashlights for different uses. If you want to save on costs and think a single flashlight will do, you need to do some rethinking! For one, different intensities of light are required within and around the house and while traveling by your vehicle. If you have a single best flashlight at home, you may also forget to carry it while leaving the house. Therefore, invest in a few and they are sure to bail you out in an emergency!
To tackle power cuts at home buy emergency rechargeable flashlights that have batteries with long-shelf life. Rechargeable batteries will not be of use without power, so buy spare batteries. Go for high lumen flashlights that can provide continuous, moderate light for a long time and have flood light to cover large areas. Shake lights are a good alternative to battery-powered flashlights. Apart from emergency lights you require flashlights for general purposes like searching for things in dark corners, under the bed, and in the attic or basement. Buy a small, low intensity flashlight with a broad flood beam.

For personal use, buy a small flashlight that you can carry in your purse or pocket. As this generally comes in handy to locate your seat in a dark theatre or hunt for coins in your purse, you do not require brightest flashlight. A low brightness flashlight that provides a broad flood of light is best suited for personal use.

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Buy flashlights that you can use outdoors, for example, when you take your dog out for a walk or go camping. For the former purpose you can purchase a moderate brightness light with rechargeable batteries, while for the latter you will need one with greater brightness and longer battery life. For both purposes invest in a type that you can easily carry. You may also like to purchase a hands-free, swivel flashlight that can be tagged on to your belt or visor.

Keep a small flashlight handy in your vehicle. It will prove invaluable in the event of an accident or a breakdown at night. It’s best to choose a bright light with batteries that have long shelf-life.

The basic purpose of a flashlight is to provide a strong and continuous flow of light for several minutes or hours. However, most modern flashlights combine some extras like carry case, key chain, radio, siren, and mobile phone charger. The cost of these flashlights is higher, but ultimately the choice is yours!

Flash Lights for Special Assignments

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As a child didn’t you always want to get your hands on a flash light. It didn’t even have to be a very good one. It was fun to get under the covers and turn it on and just look at the light. You really didn’t have to be looking at anything. Then you would let your imagination run wild and enter the world of pretend. Whenever anyone wanted to know what to get a hard to buy for child something for Christmas, I always remarked, “you can’t go wrong with a flashlight”. Later on in life, you noticed the great flashlights carried by Scully and Moulder on the Xfiles. They had the best distance and intensity of any flash light seen before, and I think in every episode they used these flash lights.

The mini Tac Light is only 2.9 inches long, uses 4 AG13 batteries. It has a bright LED light. One of the largest flashlights uses 6 D cell batteries. This light goes from a spotlight to flooding the area with light. There are other flashlights that fall in between and offer you a choice of 2 D cell styles. No matter what size or how many batteries when you are counting on a flashlight doing its job, you need the one that will fulfill the duties and application for that particular assignment.

The headlamp style flashlight can be adaptable to many different enforcement situations. It can leave you hands free to concentrate on the encounter at hand. Headlamps offer the choice to be worn over a helmet, as a stand alone, can be worn over a cap and can be clipped to a helmet or cap without the banding straps. One particular style of headlamp also offers a rear intermittent blinking light with a range of one half a mile. The headlamps can be adjusted for map reading, following dark trails, when hands free duties are required, in tight places where you are using your hands and many other applications for dark conditions.

The Energizer Night Strike FlashLight is unique in the fact that is has five different colored lenses. The white, red, blue and green can be switched from high, medium or low easily. The ultraviolet light is constant. For easy field loading the batteries always go in tip first. This particular flash light comes with a belt clip, can stand upright alone, is waterproof, able to withstand a 10 foot drop and runs for 5 hours on lithium batteries. What great features on flashlights! So many different features in a flashlight that weighs 5.7 ounces (without batteries – 2 AA Lithium) and is only 5.5 inches by 2.2 inches. Searching for just the right flash light and going over the features of each will allow you to make a decision based on just the needs you have for your enforcement duties or in extreme conditions.

Now as a grown up enforcer, whether it be with law enforcement, military, special ops, etc. you now rely on having really good flash light. You look for different things available on your flash lights.